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Applicator Head 25mm for Z Wave Pro HP Mini Hand Piece


    Applicator Head 25mm for Z Wave Pro HPMini Hand Piece

    • 1 single 25mm applicator head for use with Z WavePro HP Mini Hand Piece
    • For smaller, harder to reach areas, delivering optimal energy transfer to patient
    • To be used in conjunction with blue silicone cap when using lotion or other lubricants. (Specially sized, smaller-than-standard silicone caps can be purchased separately to be used with this applicator head.)
    • Applicator Head can be purchased here individually or as part of the Z WavePro HP Mini Hand Piece Complete Set. (Purchased separately.)


    25mm Applicator head for Zimmer HPMini Hand Piece for Z Wave Pro

    This 25mm Applicator Head is specifically designed for use with the Zimmer Z WavePro HPMini Hand Piece. The smaller-than-standard sized Hand Piece and corresponding smaller applicator head with a varied shape allow a focused and refined treatment for smaller areas. This ensures that optimal energy transfer is delivered to patient tissue structures as deep as 35 mm.

    Each Z WavePro unit comes with a standard sized Hand Piece and three (3) 39 mm applicator heads. The 25mm Applicator Head described here is available for purchase either separately or as a part of the Z WavePro HPMini Hand Piece Complete Set. Also available for use with Z WavePro HPMini Hand Piece are 15mm Applicator Heads. (Purchased separately.)  These smaller Applicator Heads are NOT compatible with the Z WavePro Standard Hand Piece, only with the HPMini Hand Piece. 

    It is essential that the applicator head is screwed tightly into the hand piece. When lotion or other lubricants are used for patient treatments, the blue silicone cap is to be applied over the 25mm applicator head. This will allow for an optimal energy transfer to the patient and to protect the applicator head.  Smaller-than-standard, compatible Silicone Cap is sold separately.

    The applicator head must be replaced after a certain period of use. Minor or slight deformation or shortening of the rear impact dome does not affect functionality, but as deformation or shortening of the rear impact dome becomes greater, the applicator head needs to be replaced. Each Z WavePro unit comes with a test template to test wear limit of applicator head.

    The Z WavePro HPMini Hand Piece is an ergonomically designed patient energy transfer system and is used in conjunction with the 15mm and 25mm Applicator Heads and the corresponding smaller silicone cap. The Z WavePro’s electromagnetic generator is primarily designed to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite and to enhance body shaping results. To treat cellulite, the Zimmer Z WavePro unit transmits powerful sound waves into the tissue. The Radial Pulse energy is delivered via the electromagnetic applicator. The energy then spreads out radially to enhance the treatment effect.

    The HPMini Hand Piece is compatible only with Z WavePro, not earlier versions of Z Wave. Inquire about upgrading if you own an earlier Z Wave version.

    For more information on the Zimmer Z WavePro, please visit our website at www.zimmerusa.com, contact us at info@zimmerusa.com, or call us toll free at 800-327-3576.

    ZWave Hand Piece Tip Measurement (01:17)
    www.zimmerusa.com info@zimmerusa.com (800) 327-3576 This video demonstrates how to inspect the tip on the Hand Piece of your Zimmer ZWave device. If the piston contact tip is "mushroomed" over, you need to replace the tip. Please make sure that there is no oil or gel inside of the Hand Piece, as this will void the warranty on your Hand Piece. Please contact us at Zimmer USA for assistance.
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