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  • Cryo Mini Water Container.
  • Cryo Mini Condensate Container.

Cryo Mini Water Drain Container

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    Zimmer Cryo Mini Water Drain Container


    • Cryo Mini Water Drain Container 

    • As a standard part of operation, when the Cryo Mini cooling device is turned off after use and when the defrost program is initiated, the cooling system warms and generates condensation.

    • Water Drain Container collects and holds up to 2 liters of condensation from the Zimmer Cryo Mini cooling system

    • Removable container can be emptied and cleaned regularly and then replaced into unit after cleaning.

    • The Water Drain Container should be cleaned after each draining


    Cryo Mini Water Drain Container - Easy Disposal


    The Cryo Mini Water Drain Container collects condensation that occurs as  a standard part of the device's operation.  The Cryo Mini cooling device warms up when it is turned off after use and when the defrost program is initiated.  This warming creates some condensation, which is drained into the Water Drain Container.   Up to 2 liters of collected condensation can be held before the container will need to be emptied.  It is recommended to also clean the Water Drain Container after emptying.    A Cryo Mini device panel light will alert the user when the Water Drain Container is full and needs to be emptied. “Condensate container full” message will appear on the display and therapy will not be able to start.  Directions on the display will guide you through the process.  The Water Drain Container is located on the left of the unit, behind a small door.  Open the door to find the white water container.  Slowly pull the container out until it has cleared the shelf so that you can lower the container to clear the water level.  The Cryo Mini device should not be operated without the Water Drain Container intact.  Replace the Water Drain Container to the Cryo Mini device after emptying and cleaning.  When reinstalling the Water Drain Container, make sure that the container is pushed in completely and locked into position.

    The Zimmer Cryo Mini Water Drain Container is intended for use with the Zimmer Cryo Mini skin cooling system. Only Zimmer Cryo Mini models should be equipped with the Cryo Mini Water Drain Container .  Other Zimmer Cryo models should be fitted with their corresponding Cryo Water Drain Container.


    The Zimmer Cryo Mini Water Drain Container


    The Water Drain Container  is a part facilitating the function of the Zimmer Cryo Mini, which delivers cold air of temperatures down to -30 C from the Zimmer Cryo Mini skin cooling system to the treatment site. The cold air is typically intended to minimize pain and thermal injury during laser and dermatological treatments and for temporary topical anesthetic relief for injections. The epidermis is cooled before, during, and after laser energy has been applied – without interfering with the laser beam.

    All genuine Zimmer parts are made of premium quality, durable materials.




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