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Cryo Waiting Room Poster

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Cryo Waiting Room Poster

  • Cryo waiting room poster 
  • 20" W x 30" H
  • Keep your patients informed about the great benefits of Cryotherapy with their treatments or as a stand-alone treatment
  • Market your treatment options effectively to your patients
  • Add decor to your waiting room
  • Also sold as part of the Cryo Basic Clinician Marketing Package

Product Description 

The Cryo Waiting Room Poster is specifically designed for the practitioner's waiting room. The poster size is 20"W x 30”H.  It informs patients that the office uses Zimmer MedizinSystems Cryotherapy for skin cooling to increase their comfort and safety. The Cryo waiting room banner provides valuable information to patients interested in treatments that either integrate Cryotherapy (ex., Laser Tattoo Removal) or use it as a stand-alone (ex., Facial Cold Therapy). Zimmer MedizinSystems Cryotherapy devices minimize pain and thermal injury during laser and dermatological treatments. They also provide temporary topical anesthetic relief during injections, tattoo application, tattoo removal, RF, laser hair removal and much more. The cooling device can assist in a variety of applications and are particularly useful with cosmetic procedures.

The Cryo Waiting Room Poster engages patients in the waiting room. The image depicts an attractive woman receiving a facial injection with integrated Cryotherapy for pain minimization. (Cryo Focusing Tip is pictured.) The poster features a pleasant, icy background image to convey the cooling effect of Cryotherapy.

Poster text: 

This office uses Cryo for skin cooling to increase your comfort and safety.

  • Non-invasive
  • No side effects
  • Gentle & comfortable
  • No direct skin contact
  • Targeted treatment
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