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Dr. Luckasen adds a Zimmer Cooler Unit

Dr. Luckasen adds a Zimmer Cooler Unit

Posted by Jeffrey Lyons on Jun 2nd 2016

Midwest Dermatology is a full-service dermatology practice, which provides solutions for all of the hard-to-treat conditions that affect the hair, skin, and nails. They pride themselves in their highest standard of care in dermatology centers across the country and are focused on achieving long-term positive outcomes for patients. Midwest Dermatology has six locations in Eastern Nebraska and is online at Midwest Dermatology provides services such as skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, cosmetic services and common dermatology conditions.

The dermatologists of Midwest Dermatology are board-certified by the American Academy of Dermatology, and are members of many other professional societies. Dr. John R. Luckasen founded Midwest Dermatology and was one of the first in the region to preform MOHs surgery. He is also certified by the American Board of Dermatopathology, and completed special training at the University of California and the University of Minnesota. Dr. Jason S. Papenfuss graduated from the University of Nebraska College of Medicine and completed special training at the Utah Health and Science Center and the University of Minnesota. He also is a member of the American Society for MOHs surgery. Dr. Justin G. Madson completed his undergraduate at Cornell University, and went on to obtain two doctorates. He is a member of the Acne and Rosacea Society and the National Psoriasis Foundation among others.

Midwest Dermatology knows how to properly diagnosis, treat and prevent skin cancer, which is the most common form of cancer. They know what to look for, and more importantly how to treat it. There are a variety of treatments available dependent upon the stage of cancer they are treating. There is a skin cancer prevention program, which is important for all patients, that utilizes the Midwest Dermatology MoleWatch Map to track the state of a user’s skin. This preventative program also provides users with a free examination of any suspicious moles.

Midwest Dermatology knows skin and the various conditions and diseases that plague it. They know how to treat acne, aging, eczema, moles, nail diseases, psoriasis, rashes, rosacea, scalp/hair diseases, skin tags and warts. With years of experience, the medical team of Midwest Dermatology will restore skin to its youthful and healthy appearance.

The doctors at Midwest Dermatology can preform a variety of cosmetic surgeries to enhance a patient’s appearance. They offer services such as: hair and tattoo removal, smoothing skin, and figure sculpting. Coolscuplting® freezes fat cells that then crystalize and are naturally shed from the body, providing a non-invasive surgery specifically for fat-loss. Midwest Dermatology uses laser treatments to remove unwanted tattoos, hair, and birthmarks. They use an Ultrapulse FX laser for these procedures. Dermal fillers and chemical peels are used to remove wrinkles.

The Zimmer Cryo Chillers assist with these various treatments by minimalizing pain and discomfort to the patient. The Cryo Chillers provide local relief through air-cooling during various procedures. Medically, it helps to prevent damage to the skin throughout laser procedure. Zimmer Cryo Chiller also brings a piece of mind to the patient even when undergoing the most advanced aesthetic treatments.