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Dr. Stockton increase service options with a Zimmer Cryo Unit

Dr. Stockton increase service options with a Zimmer Cryo Unit

Posted by Jeffrey Lyons on Jun 26th 2016

Stockton Dermatology offers patients the latest detection and treatment in all disorders of the skin, hair, and nails. With the dedicated and knowledgeable team, patients can expect the best care imaginable and treatments tailored to their needs. Located at 16611 s 40th Street, Suite 100, Phoenix, Arizona and online at, Stockton Dermatology serves the greater Phoenix region. Dr. Toni Stockton leads the practice and is the head doctor.

Dr. Stockton completed her undergraduate and doctorate degree at Howard University College of Medicine. She served her dermatology residency at Drew Medical Center, and her internal medicine residency at Howard University Hospital. Dr. Stockton is board certified by the American Board of Dermatology and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. After working in many different dermatology institutes, Dr. Stockton founded Stockton Dermatology in 2001. With specialties in laser, light therapy, and radiofrequency tightening Dr. Stockton has a multitude of way to serve each of her patient’s needs.

Stockton Dermatology has many different services available to suit patient’s needs. Their medical services deals primarily with skin conditions and diseases. The aesthetic services offer different type of fillers and peels to make the skin look and feel younger. There are also laser, light and radio frequency services available for both aesthetic and medical treatments. All of these services are designed to serve the patient and provide multiple options of treatment, which give the patient more control over their conditions.

The Isolaz laser acne and deep pore purification combines a vacuum process with a broadband light treatment to effective clear acne and prevent future breakouts. It utilizes a small handheld vacuum to lift acne impurities closer to the skin’s surface and removes excess oils, dead cells, and loosens blackheads. Meanwhile light energy is emitted killing surface bacteria and stunting oil production for up to six months when multiple treatments are used.

The Excimer laser effectively treats psoriasis and vitiligo, as well as many other skin conditions. The procedure shines the laser onto the target area for just a few minutes. The UVB light is delivered at precisely 308 nanometers wavelength. This wavelength is very specific for targeting psoriasis plaques. This process requires multiple treatments, but not nearly as many as a traditional laser therapy. With no downtime the Excimer laser has become the laser standard for treating psoriasis.

The Palomar ICON 1540 Fractional Non-Ablative Laser is used for stimulating collagen and for scar reduction. The hand piece delivers an array of micro-beams to create columns of collagen in the skin. The controlled thermal injury stimulates a natural healing process, which will form new, health tissue. This treatment is perfect for fine lines, loss of firmness, acne scaring, stretch marks, surgical scars, pigmentation and uneven texture.

The Zimmer Cryo Chillers assist with these various treatments by minimalizing pain and discomfort to the patient. The Cryo Chillers provide local relief through air-cooling during various procedures. Medically, it helps to prevent damage to the skin throughout laser procedure. Zimmer Cryo Chiller also brings a piece of mind to the patient even when undergoing the most advanced aesthetic treatments.