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Is it time to replace your Zimmer Cryo Hose & Filter?

Is it time to replace your Zimmer Cryo Hose & Filter?

Posted by Jeffrey Lyons on Jun 22nd 2016

The most common problems with Zimmer Cryo units are dirty filters and damaged hoses. Using a damaged hose can restrict air flow and effect the air load.  A dirty filter can effect the overall performance of your Zimmer Cryo unit and compromise the refrigeration system.

Please vacuum your Cryo filter at least every 150 hours of operation (every 2 weeks for best practice) and replace your Cryo filter when necessary.  Replace your Cryo hose when you see or feel air leaks or compression points.

If you need to replace these items, please click on the corresponding link below or call us at 800-327-3576 to discuss your Zimmer Cryo needs. We are here to help.  And with the recent opening of our East Coast office in Pennsylvania, we will be able to serve you with even faster response times for original Zimmer parts and service.  You can always contact us at