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The Eye Associates use Zimmer Chiller Units

Posted by Gregory Todd on May 20th 2016

The Eye Associates is an ophthmologist, optometrist, and dermatologist all in one and excels in each field. The Eye Associates is leader in their respective fields and is backed by the numerous amounts of awards that they have won. Located in Bradenton, Florida and the surrounding area, and online at, The Eye Associates provides high quality routine, medical, surgical, and optical eye care, as well as cosmetic, dermatology, and hearing services for all ages.

The Eye Associates has a knowledgeable and multifaceted staff to provide a quality of care that shatters expectations. The Eye Associates has seven ophthalmologists, four optometrists, a fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeon, a board certified dermatologist, and a board certified hearing instrument specialist. Beyond the long list of specialist, there is an even bigger list of caring staff members ready to serve and assist with the numerous operations available.

The Eye Associates treat a multitude of eye conditions and diseases and also provide dermatology and hearing services. Eye operations and services include but are not limited to: cataracts, Lasik/vision correctness, glaucoma, dry eye, corneal, retinal. Due to advances in technology, many procedures do not require the patient to be hospitalized, and operations can be done on site. This helps to keep costs low and affordable.

The various eye surgeries are primarily preformed with lasers if possible to reduces the risk of infection, increases precession, and allows for the surgeons to preform in an outpatient setting. Lasers are typically used in the treatment of glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, repairing retinal tears, and clearing a cloudy capsule after a cataract surgery. Success of laser treatments will depend on the type of operations and whether it is designed to prevent further loss of sight or to restore vision.

The Eye Associates utilize the most advanced lasers to treat their patients. Currently they are using the VISX® Star 4 Laser which boasts many unique features. The VISX® Exclusive Smart Beam ™adjusts the size of the beam depending on the procedure in order to minimize the amount of corneal tissue that needs to be removed. Custom Vue WaveScan™ WaveFront technology allows this laser to detect imperfections of the eye 25 times more accurately than previously possible. This produces more accurate measurements for glasses. VISX® Iris Registration™ takes a picture of the pupil and transfers it to the laser, and once the patient lies down for the operation, the laser takes another picture to adjust for any eye movement. This process virtually removes human error from the operation and allows for a superior and accurate outcome. ActiveTrak® 3D Eye-Tracking continuously corrects for eye movements which allow for a safer and more precise surgery.

The Zimmer Cryo Chillers assist with these various treatments by minimalizing pain and discomfort to the patient. The Cryo Chillers provide local relief through air-cooling during various procedures. Medically, it helps to prevent damage to the skin throughout laser procedure. Zimmer Cryo Chiller also brings a piece of mind to the patient even when undergoing the most advanced medical and aesthetic treatments.