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Hand Piece for Z Wave Pro

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Hand Piece for Zimmer MedizinSystems ZWave Pro 


  • Radial Pulse Technology hand device designed to deliver optimal energy transfer to patient
  • Ergonomic and robust design
  • Electromagnetic applicator
  • Used with 39mm applicator head. (One 39 mm applicator head included with this hand piece.)
  • Can be used with blue silicone caps (sold separately)
  • Template to test wear limit of applicator head
  • 2 million pulses warranty per hand piece


Zimmer MedizinSystems Hand Piece for ZWave Pro - Catch the ZWave


The ZWave Pro hand piece is an ergonomically designed patient energy transfer system. It is used in conjunction with 39mm applicator head and the ZWave’s electromagnetic generator and is primarily designed to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite and to enhance body shaping results. To treat cellulite, the Zimmer MedizinSystems ZWave Pro unit transmits powerful sound waves into the tissue. The Radial Pulse energy is delivered via the electromagnetic applicator. The energy then spreads out radially to enhance the treatment effect.


The weight of the hand piece means that it is normally not necessary to apply much pressure to the treatment area. If required, additional pressure may be applied in the direction of the tissue. When using treatment lotion or other lubricants, the applicator head must be covered with the blue silicone cap to protect it. It is essential for the treatment that the applicator head is tightly screwed into the hand piece.


The unique and high quality mechanical energy applicators carry each a warranty of 2,000,000 pulses. Each ZWave Pro unit comes with 2 hand pieces, and together they correspond to approximately 1,600 application zones. The hand pieces are ergonomically designed for optimal energy transfer to the patient while reducing vibration to the clinician. Treatment is controlled via the foot switch. And because each ZWave Pro comes with 2 hand pieces, the device is ready for use any time.


To avoid heat accumulation in the hand piece, it is essential to ensure that the air vents at the top and particularly at the base of the hand piece are not blocked by the user’s hand or anything else. The fan in the hand piece is started by depressing the footswitch and stops automatically by reaching a  certain temperature after the end of the treatment.


Features of the ZWave Pro Hand Piece


  • State of the art technology with elegant, attractive, and functional design
  • Ergonomic and robust design
  • Electromagnetic applicator with 39mm applicator head
  • Can be used with or without lotion
  • Blue silicone cap if used with lotion
  • Test template to test wear limit of applicator head
  • Dependable full operation; no warm-up period
  • Low maintenance
  • 2,000,000 pulses warranty  per hand piece


Works with the following accessories:


Zimmer MedizinSystems ZWave Pro:  Radial Pulse treatment system. Sold separately.

Zimmer MedizinSystems ZWave Pro Applicator Head:  39mm applicator head for optimal energy delivery. Required for treatment with ZWave Pro.

Zimmer MedizinSystems ZWave Pro Silicone Cap: required when using lotion or other lubricants and to protect the applicator head. Sold separately.


Adding a ZWave Pro with ZWave Pro hand pieces from Zimmer MedizinSystems to your practice is a unique and economical way to enhance your offerings. The benefits to your practice are immediate. And you are showing your patients that you are at the cutting edge of non-invasive treatment options that produce consistently and gently visible results. An investment in the ZWave Pro can pay dividends in happier patients, referrals and repeat business.


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