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Cryo 6 / Cryo Mini Wheel

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The wheel for the Cryo 6 & Cryo Mini devices has been redesigned. This new wheel design will work with Zimmer MedizinSystems Cryo 6 and Cryo Mini systems, but the appearance of the new wheel may differ from earlier Cryo 6 & Cryo Mini wheels.


Cryo 6 / Cryo Mini Wheel


  • Cryo 6 / Cryo Mini Wheel 

  • Replacement wheel for Cryo 6 and Cryo Mini models

  • Includes brake

  • Sold per wheel

  • Essential part for moving/keeping Cryo 6 and Cryo Mini units stationary

  • Premium quality, durable material

  • Does not include Cryo 6 or Cryo Mini Wheel Covers (sold separately)


Cryo 6 / Cryo Mini Wheel - Portability 


The Cryo 6 / Cryo Mini wheel with brake is intended for use with the Cryo 6 and Cryo Mini skin cooling systems. Only Cryo 6 & Cryo Mini models should be equipped with this wheel. Other Cryo models should be fitted with their corresponding Cryo wheels.

The Cryo 6 and Cryo Mini wheels with brakes are designed to easily move your device around the office within the same treatment room or from one treatment room to another. The brakes are designed to easily lock the wheel in place so the Cryo 6 and Cryo Mini units cannot move during treatment. To engage the brake and lock the wheel in place, simply push the lever down with your foot. To release the brake push the lever upwards with your foot. The wheel can now turn and the Cryo unit is ready to be moved.

The Cryo 6 / Cryo Mini wheel is made of premium quality, durable materials. Two each attach to the front and to the back of the Cryo 6 and Cryo Mini units. Each Cryo unit comes with four wheels. To remove a wheel, first slide off the wheel cover by horizontally pulling the cover towards you. Then have another person tip up the side of the Cryo device that holds the wheel you want to remove, tap down onto the pin with a screw driver, and the wheel will come off. To install a new wheel, push the pin from underneath up through the opening, then lower the side of the unit down, making sure the wheel snaps into place. Then slide the wheel cover back in place.


Works with the following accessories:


Wheel covers corresponding to the Cryo 6 and Cryo Mini devices

The Cryo 6 and Cryo Mini wheel covers protect the metal plate that the wheel is attached to. The cover also serves as a bumper when moving the Cryo 6 and Cryo Mini devices around so the metal bracket cannot accidently scratch or dent other equipment, walls, etc. The wheel covers are removed by horizontally pulling on both sides towards you, and installed by reversing this process. No tools are required. Sold separately.

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