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Cryo 6 Maintenance Kit

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Cryo 6 Maintenance Kit

Kit Consists of: 

  • Cryo 6 Hose
  • Cryo 6 Filter
  • Cryo 6 Focusing Tip
  • Cryo 6 Water Container
  • 'Cryo Maintenance Guidelines' Trifold Brochure 

This Cryo 6 preventative maintenance kit for the Cryo 6 device is designed to help keep your unit running optimally and protect the investment you made in your Cryo unit. 

Each of the items included in the set  may be purchased separately, but are sold at a significant savings to you when bundled in this kit.

Save $130 by purchasing Cryo 6 Maintenance items as a bundled kit. Retail price of Maintenance Kit items when purchased individually is $825. When purchased together in this kit at the price of $695.  You save $130.


Cryo 6 Maintenance Kit Items: For Long Life of Your Cryo Device

Cryo 6 Hose: Replacement of the Cryo 6 Hose is recommended when you see or feel air leaks or compression points. The Cryo 6 Hose is intended for use with the Cryo 6 skin cooling system. Only Cryo 6 models should be equipped with the Cryo 6 Hose. Other Cryo models should be fitted with their corresponding Cryo hoses. The Cryo 6 hose delivers cold air of up to -30 C from the Cryo 6 skin cooling system to the treatment site. The cold air is typically intended to minimize pain and thermal injury during laser and dermatological treatments and for temporary topical anesthetic relief for injections. The epidermis is cooled before, during, and after laser energy has been applied – without interfering with the laser beam. The Cryo 6 Hose is 6 feet in length and made of premium quality, durable materials. It attaches to the front of the Cryo 6 unit. Instructions for replacing the Cryo 6 Hose can be found on the product page.

Cryo 6 Filter: A properly working and regularly cleaned Cryo 6 Filter is essential for the performance of your Cryo 6 unit, so it can deliver cold air to the treatment site. A dirty filter can effect the overall performance of your Cryo unit and compromise the refrigeration system. You should vacuum your Cryo 6 filter every 150 hours of operation (every two weeks for best practice) and replace your Cryo 6 filter when necessary. There will be a message on your Cryo 6 unit to check your filter along with an indicator with the word “OK” over the fourth button on the touch screen. Select the button under “OK” and the message will clear. Further instructions for replacing the Cryo 6 filter can be found on the product page.

Cryo 6 Focusing Tip: The Cryo 6 Focusing Tip is an air nozzle that provides the user with a more concentrated air flow.  The Focusing Tip attaches easily to the Hose or Extended Hose by inserting the tip into the treatment end of the Hose.   The range of the tip can be adjusted by sliding it in and out to varying degrees in the Cryo 6 hose or extended hose.  It also provides a means to reach those harder to reach treatment sites.  Focusing Tip attaches to the Cryo 6 cooling device hose, enabling precise delivery of cold air.  The Focusing Tip can be easily removed when not needed.

Cryo 6 Water Container: The Cryo 6 Water Container should be cleaned after each draining and kept clean throughout the life of the Cryo 6 device. The Water Container collects condensation that occurs as  a standard part of the device's operation.  The Cryo 6 cooling device warms up when it is turned off after use and when the defrost program is initiated.  This warming creates some condensation, which is drained into the Water Container.   Up to 1 liter of collected condensation can be held before the container will need to be emptied.  Care and installation instructions for the Cryo 6 Water Container can be found on the product page.

'Cryo Maintenance Guidelines' Trifold Brochure: This Cryo Maintenance Kit comes with a trifold brochure that provides instructions and handy tips for the best maintenance and long life of your Cryo device. This informational brochure may also be obtained separately by contacting us. You can always reach us quickly by phone or email with inquiries.

Items Included in this Kit Work with:

Cryo 6 Cold Air Device. (Sold separately.)  The items in the Cryo 6 Maintenance Kit are intended for use only with the Cryo 6 skin cooling system. Only Cryo 6 models should be equipped with these items. Other Cryo models should be fitted with their corresponding Cryo Maintenance Kit items.

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