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Cryo 6 Rod Stabilizer

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Cryo 6 Rod Stabilizer


  • Cryo 6 Rod Stabilizer 

  • Replacement rod stabilizer for Cryo 6 models

  • Essential part to stabilize the Cryo 6 articulating arm

  • Premium quality, durable material

  • Works with Cryo 6 articulating arm 


Cryo 6 Rod Stabilizer - Steady and Durable

The Cryo 6 rod stabilizer is intended for use with the Cryo 6 skin cooling system. The Cryo 6 rod stabilizer is intended to stabilize the Cryo 6 articulating arm that holds the Cryo 6 hose in place for hands-free operation. Only Cryo 6 models should be equipped with the Cryo 6 rod stabilizer. Other Cryo models should be fitted with their corresponding Cryo rod stabilizers.


The Cryo 6 rod stabilizer is attached underneath the glass plate of the Cryo 6 unit with the rounded fork hugging the support post and the rod lined up through the hole in the glass plate and rod stabilizer to snap into the connector of the support bracket at the bottom. The hand driven screw of the rod stabilizer is then turned clockwise to tighten the rod stabilizer to the rod.


The Cryo 6 skin cooling system delivers cold air of up to -30 C to the treatment site. The cold air is typically intended to minimize pain and thermal injury during laser and dermatological treatments and for temporary topical anesthetic relief for injections. The epidermis is cooled before, during, and after laser energy has been applied – without interfering with the laser beam.


Works with the following accessories:


Cryo 6 Articulating Arm

The Cryo 6 Articulating Arm allows the user hands-free operation of the Cryo 6 unit. The Cryo 6 articulating arm holds the hose in place during treatment and can be repositioned as needed. The Cryo 6 articulating arm can be placed between multiple treatment chairs to reach the treatment area without moving the Cryo 6 unit.  Sold separately.

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