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Cryo 6 Therapy Hose

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Cryo 6 Therapy Hose


  • Cryo 6 Hose
  • Replacement therapy hose for Cryo 6 models
  • Length: 6 feet
  • Essential part for cryotherapy
  • Premium quality, durable material
  • Sold Separately: 3 nozzles and connector


Cryo 6 Hose - Reliable Cooling


The Cryo 6 therapy hose is intended for use with the Cryo 6 skin cooling system. Only Cryo 6 models should be equipped with the Cryo 6 therapy hose. Other Cryo models should be fitted with their corresponding Cryo therapy hoses.

The Cryo 6 therapy hose delivers cold air of up to -30 C from the Cryo 6 skin cooling system to the treatment site. The Cryo 6 therapy hose is intended for spot cooling sessions and for cryotherapy in general. The Cryo 6 therapy hose allows for a more concentrated air flow. Accessories that can be purchased separately: 3 different nozzles with diameter openings of 5mm, 10 mm, and 15mm plus an adapter that connects the nozzles to the therapy hose.

The Cryo 6 therapy hose is 6 feet in length and made of extra heavy, premium quality materials consisting of metal spring construction with plastic coating. The Cryo 6 therapy hose attaches to the front of the Cryo 6 unit. The hose is installed by lining up the pin on the hose with the indentation on the air outlet of the Cryo 6 unit. Then turn the hose clockwise and pull slightly down to secure in place. To release the Cryo 6 therapy hose from the Cryo 6 unit, simply push the hose slightly up, turn counterclockwise, and the hose will slide out.

Replacement of the Cryo 6 therapy hose is recommended when you see or feel air leaks or compression points. With the Cryo 6 unit in operation run your hand across the entire length of the hose looking and feeling for air leaks. Using a damaged hose can restrict air flow and affect the air load delivered. Please do not pull or stretch the hose beyond its usable distance as overextending the hose can cause damage and result inefficient treatment and/or damage to the Cryo 6 unit. Rather wheel the Cryo 6 unit to a more suitable location before beginning treatment.


Works with the following accessories (Sold Separately):


Cryo 6 Therapy Nozzles 

  • 5mm
  • 10mm
  • 15mm

Cryo 6 Adapter For Therapy Nozzles




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