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Cryo 7 Filter

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 Cryo 7 Filter

  • Cryo 7 Filter

  • Replacement filter for Cryo 7 models

  • Filter grade: Fine

  • An essential part for trouble-free cold air delivery

  • Made with premium, high quality materials


Cryo 7 Filter - Snap into Action, Maintenance Made Effortless

The Cryo 7 Filter is exclusively designed for use with the Cryo 7 skin cooling system. Ensure that only Cryo 7 models are fitted with the Cryo 7 filter. For other Cryo models, their corresponding Cryo filters should be utilized.

Maintaining a clean filter is crucial to the overall performance of your Cryo unit and safeguarding the refrigeration system. Therefore, timely replacement of your Cryo 7 filter when necessary is vital. Your Cryo 7 unit will alert you to check your filter, as needed. It is recommended to change the filter annually, although the frequency may vary depending on the extent of usage. If the Cryo 7 device is used more frequently than the average, it may require an earlier filter replacement.  We recommend keeping a replacement Cryo 7 air filter on hand. 

The Cryo 7 filter is conveniently located at the rear of your Cryo 7 unit. In a significant update from the previous Cryo models, the Cryo 7 filter easily snaps in and out, with no tools required. This major enhancement in design aids in easy maintenance and ensures convenience when removing the old filter and installing a new, clean one.


The Cryo 7 Filter

A properly maintained Cryo 7 filter is essential for the high performance of your Cryo 7 unit. It facilitates the delivery of cold air as low as -30°C to the treatment site, minimizing pain and thermal injury during laser and dermatological treatments and providing temporary topical anesthetic relief for injections. The epidermis can be cooled before, during, and after laser energy has been applied, without any interference with the laser beam.


How to Replace the Cryo 7 Air Filter

Begin by securely holding the handle from above using both hands. With your fingers positioned at the indentations, push the air filter downwards. Once loosened, gently pull it forward to dislodge the air filter from its frame.

To install the new air filter, start by inserting the air filter frame into the lower retaining support. Ensure you press the air filter frame firmly into the housing until it securely clicks into place.

For correct orientation, the two arrows located at the upper edge of the air filter should be directed towards the device. Lastly, the retaining lugs found on the air filter frame should audibly click into place on the side of the housing, signifying a successful installation.

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