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Lotion for Z Wave

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Zimmer MedizinSystems Lotion for Z Wave Pro & Z Wave Q Treatments

  • Safe to use with Z Wave Pro and Z Wave Q units
  • Silicone Caps (sold separately) must be used on applicator heads when using lotion or other lubricants to treat patients


Lubricant Lotion to be used with Silicone Caps & Applicator Heads on Z Wave Pro and Z Wave Q Units

Zimmer MedizinSystems Lotion comes in a white Zimmer MedizinSystems bottle, labeled “Lotion”.  The bottle is conveniently sized to be held in the Z Wave SysCart Pro and SysCart Q accessory holders behind the monitor.  Zimmer MedizinSystems Lotion is a lubricant designed to allow a hand piece to comfortably and safely move across the skin.  It is not a conductor of energy, but avoids uncomfortable dragging across the skin and prevents any possible abrasion.  It should be used sparingly, only using enough so that the operator feels the hand piece glide without dragging.  It typically requires only 3-5 drops, depending on the size of the treatment area and the dryness of the skin.  If the operator senses drag during treatment, simply add a few more drops.  Excessive amounts of oil are unnecessary. Excessive oil use can make for splatter to the surrounding area and can make it more likely for oil to migrate inside the hand piece. 

To apply the oil, place the 3-5 drops on the area to be treated. Hold the hand piece in the other hand.  Use the hand piece to spread the oil. Operator's foot should be off the pedal, but ready to depress it.  Once the oil is evenly spread, keep moving the hand piece as you step on the pedal to begin treatment.


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