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ZWave Pro Foot Pedal Switch with Cable

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Foot Switch for ZWave Pro


  • Controls ZWave Pro hand piece designed to deliver optimal energy transfer to patient
  • Ergonomic and robust design
  • Multi-directional
  • Remains actuated as long as pressure is applied


 Foot Switch for Zimmer MedizinSystems for ZWave Pro - Catch the ZWave

The footswitch is specifically designed to control the ZWave Pro hand piece. Place the foot switch so it can be reached easily during application. The foot switch control is multi-directional, so exact alignment is not necessary. To avoid damage to the foot switch apply only slight pressure. Use the front part of your foot and not the heel to operate it. The foot switch does not have a locking mechanism so it remains only actuated as long as pressure is applied.


The foot switch cable plugs into the back of the ZWave Pro unit. If used in conjunction with a SysCart Pro, the foot switch cable can be placed in one of the cable guides on the Plexiglas shelf on the back of the SysCart Pro. The  Plexiglas shelf contains a storage port for when the foot switch is not in use.


Works with the following accessories:


Zimmer MedizinSystems ZWave Pro 

Radial Pulse Technology system. Sold separately.


Adding a ZWave Pro with ZWave Pro hand pieces from Zimmer MedizinSystems to your practice is a unique and economical way to enhance your offerings. The benefits to your practice are immediate. And you are showing your patients that you are at the cutting edge of non-invasive treatment options that produce consistently and gently visible results. An investment in the ZWave Pro can pay dividends in happier patients, referrals and repeat business.


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