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ZWave SysCart Pro for ZWave Pro

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SysCart Pro for ZWave Pro unit 

  • Professionally designed system cart for ZWave Pro units
  • Elegant and highly functional design
  • 2 removable holders for hand pieces and Plexiglas shelf
  • Plexiglas shelf has 7 cable guides for hand piece and foot switch cables to keep cables nicely organized
  • Storage rack for foot switch when not in use
  • 3 glass shelves with attractive drawer
  • 4 wheels with brakes

 Zimmer MedizinSystems SysCart Pro

The SysCart Pro is a custom system cart specifically designed for the ZWave Pro unit. The attractive design complements the functionality of the SysCart Pro. The SysCart Pro has 2 hand piece holders to hold the 2 hand pieces of the ZWave Pro. The hand piece holders are removable and are attached to a Plexiglas shelf that hugs the back of the ZWave Pro unit. The Plexiglas shelf has a storage port for a lotion bottle and 7 ports to guide hand piece and foot switch cables to keep all cables nicely organized and out of the way. A storage rack underneath the Plexiglas shelf holds the foot switch when not in use.

The attractive drawer with the Zimmer MedizinSystems logo hides an additional storage department with 3 glass shelves. This allows for storage of additional items such as the blue silicone caps, keeps them easily accessible, yet hides everything when treating patients. 4 wheels with individual brakes allow you to move the unit easily around and with the brakes engaged keep the unit stationary for treatments.

Features of the SysCart Pro 

  • State of the art system cart with elegant, attractive, and functional design
  • Plexiglas shelf with 2 removable acrylic hand piece holders, lotion storage, and 7 cable guides
  • Storage rack for foot switch
  • Drawer and 3 glass shelves
  • Wheels with brakes for easy maneuverability


Works with:

ZWave Pro: Radial Pulse treatment system. Sold separately.

Hand piece: ergonomic hand piece to deliver optimal energy transfer to the patient. Sold separately.

Hand piece holder: acrylic, removable storage for the hand piece (included with purchase)

Foot switch: controls the ZWave treatment (sold separately)

Power cord: to deliver power to the ZWave Pro unit (sold separately)


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